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All that I needed was YOU
Rob. male. 20. Greek/White/with a little Puerto Rican. Good lookin. I love making graphics and just fuckin around on lj. If you want to request some icons just message me. I live in the heart of Florida and love it. I love to dance, and even been learning B Boy stuff for almost a year now. I love clubs and goin out. My favorite show period is America's Best Dance Crew and SoReal Cru is the shit if you couldn't tell from my FO entry and profile lol. I'm a Public Relations major and very outgoing and social. If you want to add me go ahead, just comment first!
@bout The Boy

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Never on here anymore.

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If you're looking for my graphics » fridayglamour / enticedlush
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Never on here anymore.

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So I finally caved and got a Twitter...sooo add me!

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Small batch featuring Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Fashion stock, Fall Stock.

'cause we wanna live the life of the rich and famousCollapse )

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I hate stock
I hate stock. I hate stock. I hate stock.

With that said idk why I made these. Anyway here's a super short batch of Halloween icons.

a cut isn't really needed...but for traditions sakeCollapse )

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Selling Mark Ecko Watch

I'm selling one of my brand new Mark Ecko watches, to earn some extra cash. I've never even worn it. It even still has the original bubble wrap around the case. I just got it a couple of months ago.

I'm selling it starting at $45, it was originally $100. Just click the picture to go to it.